2017 Speakers




10:00 What Your Weeds Tell You - Lucy Baker
The kind of weeds growing in your garden are an indication of the type of soil you have.

11:00 doTerra Essential Oils

*12:00 -1:00 Break for Lunch



1:00 Craft time with Sandy and Pat Make your own pot out of newspaper and plant a flower bulb in it with Sandy.  Or, craft your own greeting card with Pat. Walk-ins welcome, no need to register. Class designed with home school students in mind.  Adults encouraged as well!



 2:00 Cardinals: Everyone's Favorite Red Bird - Steve and Regina Garr (Birds-I-View)
The Northern Cardinal is the state bird of seven states (including Illinois!) and consistently ranks highest in surveys asking folks to name their favorite bird species. Join us for tips on hosting Cardinals, fun facts about their behavior and habits, and great photos featuring these special colorful birds.

3:00 Essential Herbs for Animals - Verlinda Newton (Sanctuary Home Spa)
Learn what herbs and essential oils can be used on dogs, cats and other animals.  Conditions, primary uses, and precautions will be discussed.

4:00 The Classification of Roses for the Home Gardener - Diane Brueckman (Rosey Acres)
This class is a brief history of how we came from wild roses to the beautiful full fragrant roses we grow today.  There is a lot of confusion about the classification of roses, how the classes were derived and what they mean to the average gardener who just wants to put a beautiful rose in their yard.  You will see why some roses are more hardy and disease resistant than others. It will make selecting roses easier for whatever your needs may be.









5:00 Gardening in Miniature - Kathryn Newman
Interest is growing in the smallest of gardens, from little landscapes full of fantasy to model gardens in miniature.  Learn how to tap into your imagination to create entire landscapes that fit within
planters, troughs, or the larger garden setting. We'll discuss miniature gardening tips,
techniques, and easy to grow plants that are perfect for small-scale gardens.






6:00 Floral Photography Basics - Melinda McGill



Attention flower lovers!  Are you interested in learning how to capture the beauty of flowers around you through the magic of photography?  This session is for you.  Join in to learn the basics of how to make your photos as beautiful as the blooms you see.  This session will focus on using composition, light, and subject matter to get great photos with any type of camera.  Participants will need to have a basic working knowledge of their camera and a love of floral images.  Bring your camera for this hands-on workshop.  $5.00 class fee to benefit the Light & Lens Camera Club. Class limited to 20 participants. Preregister by emailing Melinda at: mcgillmelinda@gmail.com







10:00 Chickens - Lucy Baker
A presentation about the pleasures and problems of raising backyard chickens.




Pint-Size Plants for Miniature Gardens and Fairy Gardens - Kathryn Newman
There is more to miniature gardening than little furniture and trinkets.  From tiny baby tears to miniature daisies and dwarf conifers, learn about the best petite plants for your small-scale gardens.  We’ll discuss how to grow and use these tiny treasures to create thoughtful and dramatic landscapes and gardens, in miniature.







*12:00 -1:00 Break for Lunch




1:00 Craft time with Sandy and Pat Make your own pot out of newspaper and plant a flower bulb in it with Sandy.  Or, craft your own greeting card with Pat.  Walk-ins welcome, no need to register. Class designed with public school students in mind.  Home school students and adults encouraged as well!



2:00 Hummingbirds Up Close! - Steve and Regina Garr (Birds-I-View)
This program will highlight amazing facts and information about the feeding, behavior, and nesting habits of Ruby-throated Hummingbirds. For instance, did you know there are over 300 species of Hummingbirds in the world and they are ALL "single moms"?! We'll also touch on the other species of hummers that have been documented in the Midwest during the Winter months. Regardless of the species of hummer you observe, watching one of these "little jewels of nature" is always an amazing treat.

3:00 A Handful of Easy Projects to Jazz up Your Garden - Cleve Hayes (Puddingstone Farms)

4:00  Wax Renotering - Scott and Jerilee Lamar (Artisan Homestead)

5:00 Natural Herbal Remedies for the Whole Family - Terry Hickey (Dayempur Herbals)

 6:00  New Plants 2017 For Your Garden - Ernie Henson (Rainbow Lane Gardens)