Friday, February 8th


10 AM   Alpaca "Beans" as Fertilizer - Bernard Family Farms - How alpaca manure can be used as fertilizer and the differences between it and natural fertilizer

11 AM   Lavender -  Allison Snow - Farm Harvest Lavender Farm


12 Noon – Free Time

1 PM   Banding Hummingbirds - Cathy Hutcheson, Makanda, IL, the process, tools and birds 

2 PM   Yikes! There’s a Snake in my Garden! What now? -   Kathleen Garre-Wiese, Master Naturalist 

3 PM   Pleasure of Herbs -  Diane Hultgren, Jefferson County Master Gardeners

4 PM   Growing Roses with Minimal Chemicals - Diane Bruekman – How to look for roses with greater disease resistance & cold hardiness, natural fertilizers, and predators to take care of insects. 

5 PM   Tomatoes!!! - Mike McGrath, author of “You Bet Your Tomatoes”, former Editor Organic Gardening, host of syndicated Public Radio - You Bet your Garden

6:30 PM - 8 PM  Healing the Whole Family with Herbal Medicine - Terry Hickey and Anita Brown, Dayempur Herbals, Carbondale, Il, Women's Health Workshop  

Saturday, February 9th

10 AM   Growing and Harvesting Pecans in Illinois - Voss Pecans – Illinois largest pecan grower with 148+ acres of pecan trees


11 AM    Keynote Speaker - Composting -One of the Keys to Organic Success – Mike Mc Grath, former Editor Organic Gardening, host of “You Bet your Garden”, author of books on Tomatoes, Compost and Kitchen Gardening

1:00 PM   Basic Bird ID - Residential, Seasonal and Migratory  - Birds-I-View’s Steve & Regina -  It is always more fun to watch the birds when you know who they are!  Come learn bird ID. 

2 PM   Honey Bees – How are They Doing - Dr. Douglas B. Jones – Bayer U.S. Crop Science Development

3 PM   Community Gardens - Laurie George, University of Illinois Extension, The Whys and How To and the Success!

4 PM   Keynote Speaker – How to Effectively Use Fresh Herbs and Spices -Cooking Demonstration - Chef Robert Rhymes, Assistant Professor of Culinary Arts,  Kaskaskia College

5 PM   Keep Calm ... and Use your Herbs - Joyce Miller- Huckleberry Hutch- the workshop focuses on easy ways to use herbal products to calm you down, help you relax, and help you sleep.  After a brief program about the herbs, we'll make a dream pillow, a room spray and a foot/bath soak. Price for workshop is $10.00. register for workshop @

6 PM   Garden in your 90 - Verlinda Newton - Want  to garden in your 90"s! This is the class for you! Learn 3 different gardening techniques and the results of these techniques.

Sunday, February 10th

Noon   Create a Garden Labyrinth - Nina Peacock – a member of the Labyrinth Society since 2003 will show ways a unique Labyrinth can be created in your garden using your existing plants, trees and water features, etc. – or design your meditation path, then the garden,

1 PM   Blue Birds – Birds-I-View, blue birds are year-round residents in much of the U.S. and they flourish in the company of humans. Come learn how to attract and care of these personable birds all year long!  

2PM   Wildflowers - Jim Barker – Jim has transformed his farm into patches of prairie that resemble what Hamilton County looked like before modern agriculture. 



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